A NEW Place for Student Stuff

I enjoyed another 2 snow days, and instead of stressing out over my lack of class time with some grade levels, I decided to get building Art Invention Lab. Over VAEA a few months ago, I met Sarah Dewitt Brooks when she lead a workshop on Technology in the Classroom. I realized that I wanted to be able to post student work and project ideas. I have the blog here, so what’s the problem?

I originally set this website up to be more for sharing my portfolio and background experience. The student work section wasn’t easy to add to and I didn’t like organizing all of the categories. I teach in schools, summer programs, after school, teacher education…. too many categories and some of it isn’t my best stuff. I also felt like mkcosier.com is not where I want to direct parents of students, since it isn’t much about the kids work.

So, Art Invention Lab was born. I plan to make that more of a share site with resources, images, projects, etc. I began it at the end of November and then life got in the way. Now that I’ve settled, it has 9 project pages and the rest of it is set up enough that I’m ready to share it. So, take a look around Art Invention Lab!


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