VAEA 2013


I have been freshly renewed in the art of art education. This weekend, I attended the Virginia Art Education Conference in Falls Church, VA. I presented a workshop, Ride the STEAM Train with Video Game Design, with Dr. Ryan Patton of VCU and Luke Meeken.  We focused on the curriculum that’s been developed for the Smithsonian Associates Summer Camp of Video Game Design and the adaptation for public schools.

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) has been taking steady flight into the minds educators across the country. While the initiative is fantastic, the implementation can be tough. Video Game Design addresses the TEAM part quite well, with students engineering a digital game using technology that requires visual design and mathematical applications. Convincing other educators to try it out is an uphill battle.

Dr. Patton has received a grant from VCU to teach a free teacher’s education program on video game design for schools this summer. You can read more information and how to apply at

I met some excellent educators while there who are using technology in their art rooms and it has helped me establish some goals for this year. I plan to begin working on a blog about my practices and what goes on in my art program. I plan to bring more technology into my art room that does not relate to video game design, but I also am working on an after school program for video game design to being this spring in my schools.

If you have the chance to attend VAEA next year (in Richmond, VA) or the NAEA (in CA), do it! You always end up with tidbits that you have never tried or thought of. I’m pretty saturated with resources for the classroom, but I gained insight for future ideas.


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