A NEW Place for Student Stuff

I enjoyed another 2 snow days, and instead of stressing out over my lack of class time with some grade levels, I decided to get building Art Invention Lab. Over VAEA a few months ago, I met Sarah Dewitt Brooks when she lead a workshop on Technology in the Classroom. I realized that I wanted to be able to post student work and project ideas. … Continue reading A NEW Place for Student Stuff

VAEA 2013

I have been freshly renewed in the art of art education. This weekend, I attended the Virginia Art Education Conference in Falls Church, VA. I presented a workshop, Ride the STEAM Train with Video Game Design, with Dr. Ryan Patton of VCU and Luke Meeken.  We focused on the curriculum that’s been developed for the Smithsonian Associates Summer Camp of Video Game Design and the adaptation … Continue reading VAEA 2013

Video Killed the Board Game Star

Monopoly? Go Fish? Connect Four? No, its video game time! The video games from summer 2012 with the Smithsonian Campers is up under “Student Work.” I’m thinking or adding a section to it from the Basic Level camps when the students make their own board games to learn about game structure. Or maybe the drawings from character design? I am currently working with Dr. Patton … Continue reading Video Killed the Board Game Star

One Million Bones

I made bones today. A femur, two partial skulls, the lower left half of a jaw, and a partial hip, which raised $5.00 to the One Million Bones Project. Olivia Natale and Clay College (Cumberland County, NJ) hosted a bone making party this afternoon to help support her sister, Naomi Natale, and the project that aims to raise awareness of ongoing genocide and funds to … Continue reading One Million Bones

My First Website and Conquering Familiarity

If we ignore all the other failed attempts, this marks the beginning of my first personalized website. I’ve had a few dances with other blogs—curious moments that burned out rather quickly—but the underlying motive was never genuine. Technology and I have a bad history, like siblings who couldn’t get along until they were older. I fried my fair share of computers, cameras, printers, and phones. … Continue reading My First Website and Conquering Familiarity