Mission Complete

Technically, I finished the website last week. I’m pretty excited about it, also for the knowledge and experience I picked up that I can help future students with. True, WordPress is not the same as learning how to professionally design a website, but its accessible to the students and it’s free to use.

I have been focusing on my goals as an artist and educator over the last few months. This January, I begin a non-instructional membership with the Cumberland County Clay College of Millville, NJ. I intend to work on the ceramic series, “Whole with Holes,” and progressively work in other mediums.

Additionally, I’m revived with the desire to research as much as possible. There are a number of books on my ‘must read’ list and I decided to start drafting a number of projects and lessons out so I have a solid structure to work with when I begin teaching this Fall. I have accepted another summer of teaching Video Games at the Smithsonian Associates, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of the 3-day camp.

M. Cosier


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