Video Killed the Board Game Star

Monopoly? Go Fish? Connect Four? No, its video game time! The video games from summer 2012 with the Smithsonian Campers is up under “Student Work.” I’m thinking or adding a section to it from the Basic Level camps when the students make their own board games to learn about game structure. Or maybe the drawings from character design?

I am currently working with Dr. Patton of VCU Art Education to expand the visuals and curriculum ideas. Potentially, we would put together a website to share the resources for other teachers that I’m working on designing. If you were at the VAEA this past November, we gave away some of these resources to those that attended our workshop. If such a website is created, I’ll be sure to post a link. Otherwise, I’ll see about getting permission to share some of the tutorials.

I will be teaching 5 weeks of camp this year, and I’m currently working on my own games. If anyone ever has specific questions about teaching video games in the classroom, send me an email.



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